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A printed model is a physical embodiment of a three-dimensional model of the jaw. It is used to test the fit of the fabricated restoration (for example, a dental crown) before putting it into the patient.


Model production has several stages:


  • First, all the model’s problem areas likely to interfere with the printing are corrected.

  • Then a flat base is added and a three-dimensional model is created.

  • Options include: the order number on a special platform or attached directly to the model; a QR code; special jaw hinges to ensure an accurate and correct jaw bite.

  • Separate models can be created for each prepared tooth.


When a virtual printable model is created, it is divided into horizontal layers that are sent to the printer.


Special industrial printers print several models simultaneously. To enable and utilize this feature, printable models are pre-placed on a given printing area to maximize the number of models accommodated.

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