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About us

Adalisk is a Russian software company specializing in CAD systems for 3D scanning and 3D modeling, CAM systems for CNC machines, and 3D printing systems. Apart from 3D technologies, we have extensive experience in machine learning (ML), as well as in setting up cloud-based storage services, production workflow management, and SaaS using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In the context of practical application of all these technologies, our main field of interest is digital dentistry, but not limited to that. At the moment, digital dentistry is developing rapidly in many directions, growing both in scope and sophistication. Our target market is North America.

In addition to automation software for manufacturers, we also develop applications for dental systems which installed literally at a dentist’s chair – ChairSide systems. These systems make it possible to make a new tooth in a mere 70 minutes, completing a full cycle from scanning the jaws and automatic 3D modeling to milling – all within a single visit.

We have developed and been growing at a fast pace an Amazon-based cloud service system. We provide data storage, automated production workflow management, and SaaS – for computationally intensive operations such as neural network modeling or 3D model reconstruction from point clouds obtained from 3D scanners.


We are truly at the cutting edge of technology and do things that few others in the world can do. We embrace all innovations.

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Our history

Adalisk was founded in 2006 by Russian programmers who originally specialized in 3D scanning, modeling, printing and associated high-tech applications.

The founders of Adalisk began to gain hands-on experience in 3D technologies by applying them to dentistry in 1999, in collaboration with Align Technology, USA ( Align is a trailblazer in 3D technology for the manufacture of custom mouthguard sets for orthodontic treatments. Working in tandem with Align, we gained experience in RnD production support projects, handling 3D scanner data, using stereolithography, planning orthodontic treatments, etc.


Later on we partnered up with Metris (Belgium), which became a division of Nikon Metrology ( at some point. Metris made industrial 3D scanners for quality control in the production of parts for the automotive, aviation, and other industries. The Adalisk founders contributed to the development of the Inspection package, which provided high-precision measurement of parts and their comparison with the original CAD models.


In 2007, we joined forces with Geomagic, USA, which later merged with 3DSystems ( Geomagic had been developing software for the capture, processing and analysis of 3D data. Adalisk, which had already been incorporated by this time, had a lot of experience under its belt in dental work, so we began serving Geomagic customers by developing CAD systems for dental applications. In a short period of time, several automated systems for the manufacture of dental restorations were developed and customized for a number of end customers.


Since early 2012, Adalisk has been working in close coordination with Glidewell Dental Ceramics, USA ( Glidewell is one of the largest and oldest dental laboratories in the United States, and can hardly be called a "laboratory" at this point, operating as it does several dental factories with sophisticated automation and robotic solutions in place and producing dental prostheses and restorations, as well as modern denture materials and equipment for the manufacture of dental restorations.

В 2019 году мы открыли в Грузии компанию Adalisk Service Georgia Soft (ASGSoft). Три года спустя, было принято стратегическое решение о переносе туда головного офиса, что сделало ASGSoft главной разрабатывающей компанией.

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Our team

To make outstanding software products, you need an outstanding team. And we are really a high-caliber software development team.

The core asset of our company is neither millions of lines of code nor R&D solutions and patents – it is our people, our Adalisk team.


Adalisk is a friendly, creative and dynamic team of over 50 people, mostly software developers and testers, and we are doing our best to enable them to work creatively and efficiently.

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About: Team
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