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We develop software for CAD systems, optical and CT scanners, CAM systems, as well as services for modeling, manufacture, and quality control of dental restorations such as dental crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, mouthguards, etc.


We have two main product lines:

  • software products and services for the automated production of dental restorations in a dental laboratory;

  • chairside software products and services catering to dentists..

Software products, described below, comprise programs designed partially as desktop applications, and partially as cloud-based services (like AI implementations on deep neural networks, CAM services for creating milling paths). Such an approach allows us to downgrade hardware requirements on the customer side (doctor or lab technician), increase the speed of execution of resource-intensive algorithms, and scale down the computing resources required.

All our software products are built on the same technological platform and differ in terms of specialization, application workflow, toolkits, etc.


CAD / CAM Systems for Dental Laboratory

Our CAD / CAM family of software products and cloud services provides a complete production cycle for the corporate customer, in particular:

  • 3D scanning of patient dental impressions with an optical or CT scanner, or importing intraoral 3D scans;

  • Triangulation (creating models from clouds points, 3D meshes);

  • Automatic correction and refinement of jaw models;

  • Bite alignment and setting of all dental directions;

  • AI-assisted automatic 3D-design of dental restorations based on deep machine learning (as SaaS);

  • Intelligent CAD tools for 3D design of restorations by a laboratory technician;

  • CAM tools for programming CNC milling machines (as SaaS),

  • CAM tools for shaping jaw models and / or restorations for 3D printing;

  • Programs for quality control of manufactured restorations by matching the restoration against the original model;

  • Cloud services: storage of customer orders and data, organization and management of the production workflow, and SaaS for computationally intensive algos.


CAD / CAM Systems for Dentists

The software of the Chairside family, supplied as a part of a solution to make dental restorations directly at the chairside, enables automation of the following dental work stages: 

  • Receipt and processing of 3D scans from an intraoral scanner (IOS), and cloud triangulation (like SaaS) if necessary;

  • Automatic repair defects of the reconstructed 3D model;

  • AI-assisted automatic 3D design of dental restorations based on machine learning (as SaaS);

  • Location of the implant in the jaw for the correct positioning and design of dental restoration;

  • Intelligent CAD tools for finetuning of a generated restoration model and/or its direct design by a dentist;

  • CAM tools for programming milling machines (as SaaS) and installing the program on the machine.

  • CAM tools for shaping the jaw model and/or restoration for 3D printing.

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