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Having a close-knit efficient team of professionals and vast experience in the development of sophisticated manufacturing software, we welcome new opportunities for doing business together – both in the areas listed below and possibly in some others.


Got hardware needing high-performance firmware and software?

... Need software for a challenging application?

... a 3D engineering problem solved?

... advice or R&D?


Don't hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to give your inquiry all the attention it needs and discuss any issues and opportunities together with you!

Target Areas:

  • Cloud service infrastructure development;

  • Set-up and support of automated production workflow in cloud services;

  • CAD systems for dentistry and other applications;

  • CAM software – CNC programs, controller firmware;

  • Optical 3D scanning software;

  • Computer tomography (CT scanning) software;

  • Machine learning-based artificial intelligence systems.

Partners: Areas
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